Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Zeal is such an intense word! Zeal ushers in drive; an eagerness, propelling movement forward.

Fathom a generation of "beings" manifesting a zealous appetite to be its best.

A zealous population of "beings" who’s DNA exemplifies love and zeal is consistent with super ability; the same ability displayed by our super heroes and X-men; beings that supposedly are a generation with defective genes; yet the behind the scene message is-- "the defect being our potential."

What will be the potential of future generations?

Will it be a higher level of consciousness bringing forth 
unprecedented super power? Or will the super power be the makeup of our DNA?

Let us stay tuned to the future!  Stay zealous!!

This year’s A-Z, journey has been a glimpse into the "Self actualization and Oneness" of our present and future progression within our ongoing humanity.   It has been nothing less than a journey of thought and imagination for me!

Hope you’re A-Z journey has been an exciting one!

Love and peace!

Man jogging by Peter Griffin
Man jumping by Anna Langova
Written by Betty Alark

Monday, April 29, 2013


The word yield brings to mind terms and phrases such as: yield to 
temptation, yield to oncoming traffic; surrender, give up, succumb, etc.

What we yield to, renders a return; therefore, it stands to reason, that having a conscious awareness of what the consequential returns of yielding are, is profitable.

Since human beings are connected, when we yield either to the right 
or to the left, other people are affected in some way; which is all the more reason why we need to consider beforehand, what we are yielding to.

Ever ask yourself before yielding “what will my actions bring about, 
if I yield in this manner? It’s called thinking before yielding, and we human beings cannot claim a 24 hour consistency in doing so.

Sometimes we simple yield; letting the chips fall where they may; 
sometimes we yield in haste, not taken the time to see as far into the future as possible.

On our journey of "being and becoming" the hand on the pendulum of yielding, swings both ways; resulting in our learning what and what not to yield to.

What if the hand on the pendulum of yielding never regressed to the left; instead, the hand of the pendulum kept moving farther and farther to the right, in a circular motion; where all of our yielding produced positive results for everyone.

You might be thinking, "if that where reality," how would we learn 
and grow, if we don’t learn from our mistakes? Well that’s the point of presenting a "visual reality" to consider; after all, isn’t that where we are headed in our yielding?

Higher levels of "consciousness" and an ultimate change of our DNA 
producing self actualized beings of love, would produce nothing less than a pendulum that rotated to the right; never regressing to the left; instead, constantly excelling forward and beyond. 

Advancement is learning and growing; positive yielding begets 
positive results; the learning takes place in the result, and the profit expands on a continual bases. The profit is our growth, and we keep yielding to the right, learning from the profit.


by Andrew Schmidt. 

Written by Betty Alark

Saturday, April 27, 2013


It was challenging finding an X word related to the theme Self actualization and Oneness however, with the help of imagination I found one!

The meaning for Xerox is associated with terms such as reproduction, mirror, image, equivalent, identical imprint, impression and the like; which all seem appropriate for the subject at hand.

From the blue print of our DNA, each generation reproduces carbon copies of its own kind; human beings.

It has been scientifically discovered that thought has an effect on DNA; it tends to alter it. If, that be true, which seems reasonable, then how each generation thinks and acts, has an impressionable effect on the DNA of future generations. Is that not a significant sufficient reason for each generation to have their consciousness raised to a level of acting and responding in love?

The inevitable outcome, will in turn, automatically affect the DNA of future generations; our offspring born into a world, not being taught, but their DNA mirroring the very heart of the prior generation whose very life was an expression of love; thus bringing forth the first incarnated generation of beings that are Xeroxed copies of love!

Imagine our DNA, being an advanced archetype, responsible for creating generations of children born into the world initiating love practically from the womb; as a result of our DNA being an archetype of love, destined generations will inevitabley progress to higher levels of "being and becoming!"

Imagine the possibilities of what "love" will continually produce!


Author of top and bottom pictures: zcool.com.cn  

Wrttten by Betty Alark

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Here is a compilation of words that depict the meaning of virgin:





 Pure- Stainless

Unspoiled, Innocent, Uncorrupted,

Spotless – Untapped

Now picture those same words meaning -- the heart. When the heart is pure, untouched by "emotion and thought" directed towards evil, wickedness, ill will, deception, negative intent and harm; a virgin heart will be the character of humanity; purity of thought and emotion will consummate our actuality; our moment to moment vision will be benevolent; our view for humanity and all its functions will soar beyond belief, beyond hope and consummate the reality of the heart.

A pure heart at its full potential, corresponding with the beat of 
the lofty height of all other, pure beating hearts, in its circle. A pure heart thrives on charitable thoughts and actions committed unto others.

When the heart of humanity is virgin, and all its actions and 
responses are pure, the universe will respond with magnificent returns!

Our transfigured virgin hearts, unfolding our vast potential, will advance humanity beyond human "will."

Our energy will be pure, releasing untapped and unforeseen potential! The level of our presence will manifest the origin of our Being and bring us face to face with – the known.

Virgin Heart

Top picture by zcool.com.cn

Written by Betty Alark

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Unique and Used

No matter what level of "being and becoming" we find ourselves at on life’s journey, we are unique and used.

There is an ongoing exchange of "giving and receiving" taking place along the continuum of life’s journey.

Our level of "becoming" on the scale of progression, determines how we are used by one another.

Every human being has something to offer; we all have gifts, talents, 
abilities and potential that can be used to support, edify and assist one another on the journey of life. Or, we can use those same gifts, talents, ability and potential to tear one another down, deceive and compete for selfish gain.

Depending on how we use our uniqueness, determines our 
progression or our demise; our evolving or our regression.

We are all unique! When the view of humanity is progression, 
evolving and transformation for the betterment of humanity, we will all use our uniqueness to build up, edify, and support the potential and possibility of the whole ----- the One!

Unique and Used

Written by Betty Alark
Top picuture by author zcool.com.cn
Bottom pic by Fran Hogan

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Being in a state of constant transformation is life at its best!

It is when life is lived in abundance that feeling and emotion is most appreciated!  Living life to the fullest is a remarkable reality!

Being transformed to higher heights is analogous to the sight of a bird in flight. Your spirit is lifted high as you soar on a calm warm breeze! Your soar is a soar of freedom and pure joy!

As you journey through the world it is traversed with a new lease on life.

Granted the world hasn’t changed; it’s your perspective that now sees things from a beam of a different light. Being is at its best and becoming can only progress. 

Transformation is becoming a new creation; being inhabited by the Creator - the source of Being. Being and Becoming become one with the One!


by John Edwards

Written by Betty Alark

Morpho Butterfly by Vera Kratochvil

Monday, April 22, 2013


"Sight" is a blessing, isn’t it? Ponder the thought
not having eyes to bear witness to all the wonders and beauty of creation, then you will see that it is indeed a blessing. That’s not to say that people that have physical eyes, but don’t bear witness to the material things in the world, aren’t equally blessed.

The physical eye serves a purpose; being able to 
bear witness to material things in earth’s realm, is definitely one of them. We human beings tend to judge what we see by sight and we tend to call that learning. However, do we really learn by what we perceive with the physical eye or are we learning through another channel.

When sitting in a room allowing the eye to roam at things in its view, does it not seem like something inside your being is doing the viewing? Erie isn’t it? Try it out for yourself; you will understand what’s being conveyed. Then, close your eyes and determine the difference.

Eyes really are similar to windows; they allow the 
soul and spirit within, to see outward. However, the soul and spirit is still there, without eyes. If you were blind and someone came up to you and started a conversation, would you be able to see? The spoken word can promote vision whether your eyes are physically open or not.

What about dreaming? Don’t we see the things that we dream about?  How often is it that we learn that the very thing that we judge by sight has a different meaning for another onlooker, and that our judgments are inaccurate?

In our being and becoming we perceive things by sight; until, we arrive at a point of becoming that reveals - that sight is "revelation by the Spirit" ,and the physical eye is an apparatus by which material things are seen.

When we arrive at a point of becoming, where nothing is judged by the physical eye, but by the Spirit, then we will realize that our consciousness is being raised by the Spirit, and it is by the Spirit that we see and are changed from glory to glory!


Top picture by zcool.com.cn

                                                       Written by Betty Alark

Saturday, April 20, 2013


                       CLIMBING TO HIGHER HEIGHTS!

Have you ever read a book and your present level of consciousness was raised?” What would you credit for the heightened awareness?

I’ve pondered the answer to that question as I’ve paid active 
attention to life; experience has taught me that the answer is – hearing!

Hearing goes beyond sight; it's an entrance into a realm that beckons the hearer to come closer to the voice that’s being heard. Hearing is profound, its like a signpost pointing the way to understanding.

John the Baptist was a voice crying out in the wilderness saying “repent, repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” There were many people that listened to the words spoken through John the Baptist and there were people that heard the voice speaking through John the Baptist. The message that John the Baptist preached raised the hearer’s level of consciousness in preparation for an even greater level of Consciousness that came through - Jesus!

Jesus taught how the greater level of Consciousness could be obtained. He was a signpost saying “walk this way, follow me, and I will give you rest, peace and all that you need to have life and to have it abundantly.

There were people during Jesus duration on earth that didn't adhere  to the teacings that came through the mouth of Jesus that could literally change their lives forever; people that didn’t see beyond the physical; and couldn’t or wouldn’t hear the voice that could resurrect them to a higher level of being; thus they were not able to glimpse the reality of the realm of the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus spoke of. There were however some that did hear the message that came through Jesus and there are those that are hearing today!

If people can be directed by muses why is it that when an incarnation shows up on earth, people have such a difficult time accepting the higher level of transforming knowledge being brought in person?

People are constantly trying to find their way by doing it thier way taking them further and further away from the voice that beckons  - come this way!
Is it so difficult to fathom that your Creator would have such a Love for you that He would send Emmanuel amongst us to show us the way back home?

Jesus came and revealed the way to come back to God. The door hasn't closed ; it is still open for anyone who wants to enter in.

When you're not being raised from one level of consciousness to higher levels of consciousness isn’t that like being dead?

In order to climb higher heights your consciousness needs to be raised to a level of being that brings life; abundant living! And, since God is the giver of life, God is the only one that can rise up the dead and bring life. That is one reason why Jesus incarnated into the world; so, that we could have life and have it more abundantly.

                                  Resurrection - going higher!

Author of photos

Written by Betty Alark

Thursday, April 18, 2013


The reality of "Self actualization and Oneness" incorporates peace!

When actions placed and words spoken, have the good will of others in mind, then peace will follow.

It takes a heart of "love" to have others at the forefront of one’s 
agenda; a heart of love proceeds having an agenda of love.
So how does acquiring a heart of love take place?

Human beings are aware of their thoughts and actions.  We are conscious of our inner nature and our behavior towards others. We are also aware of the reality that we can’t change our own heart.

Feeling emotion is an indicator of our inner nature, thus we carry ourselves around with us like a movie camera. The picture of self is always being shown and watched. Self is a constant reminder of our need for improvement.

Oft times than not, human beings are in denial regarding needing a heart transformation; until, like a mirror, a situation arrives and reflects the need. Situations test the heart like a light shining in a dark place; revealing what is hidden in the depths of the soul. When light penetrates the soul and darkness is unearthed, the need for heart transformation becomes obvious.

It is within those obvious moments that conviction grips the soulThere’s no denying the clarity that is now faced.  You are confronted with your inner self and whether or not your "will" is to have a heart transformation.

Human beings are constantly learning lessons that cause us to assess 
our inner being; moment to moment.  The light is always shining and it doesn’t discriminate; if you are in lights path, it is going to reveal you.

The question is -- will you welcome the light and accept it as having 
rescued you from darkness or will you refuse having your heart changed?

Honestly – it’s difficult to conceive of a human being refusing light and a chance to have their heart transformed; a chance to advance to a higher level of being and becoming. I can’t imagine any human being turning that blessing down and saying “no thanks" I like being in the dark and I think I will remain here," Can youNevertheless - all things are possible and as difficult as it is to 
imagine, I suppose it can and does happen.

My hope is: when a situation arrives that shines light into your heart, that you will welcome the light and be transformed!


From a higher power!

Top photo by Roland Ally

Bottom picture by Fritis Ahiefeldt

Written by Betty Alark

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Opposition is a force met in the midst of "being and becoming." It is a force to be reckoned with. How opposition is reckoned with, reveals a person’s life force within those moments of reckoning.

Here is an example:  

Two people interact in conversation, which leads to disagreement, bringing about emotional conflict; negative responses are herald against one another, creating negative reactions. Ultimately, both parties depart, harboring negative feelings towards one another.

The manner in which those two individuals met and confronted opposition resulted in their life force expressing negative energy.

If neither person has an inclination to move beyond their negative feelings held against one another, then "becoming" is detained, since there's no positive tendency to lean toward, that promotes moving forward.

Having a willingness to change starts with recognizing the dominate life force present within your being and realizing its inner and outer effect; if the realization reveals less than your best towards becoming, then having the desire and "willingness" to move beyond  the lesser self in that moment, is the harbinger for change.

Opposition is a fork in the road that reveals your conscious level of being within its moments of contact; which road you choose to take reveals where you are in becoming.


Pictures by Peter Griffin

Written by Betty Alark

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


We live in the, "Now!"  Now is the present moment. The present is the only moment in which to act and accomplish; with the hope of “self” acting and accomplishing within future moments…….being!

When focus is concentrated on the now, actions of accomplishment 
promptly take root; seeds are planted in the moment that affect the next moment.

A strategic plan is created in the moment; however, the planning doesn’t guarantee the arrival of the next moment for the planner.

Bear witness to self acting and accomplishing in the here and now
make the most of the moment at hand and perform at your best

Worrying about the next moment accomplishes nothing accept depression, stress and grief within the moments of being. If a solution can’t be found to a problem, why worry about it -- as if worry is the solution.

After performing at your best in the now, your best is sufficient; have faith that the solution will arrive in the next moment of being if you find yourself there!


by Petr Kratochvil.

 Written by Betty Alark

Monday, April 15, 2013


I found one definition for muse, which peaked my curiosity - “one of 
the nine Greek goddesses of the arts.” Sound’s intriguing doesn’t it?

The dictionary provides understanding of words which in turn promotes thought, vision, imagination, consideration, and reflection; all utilized to bring together a self generated idea, vision or master piece.

Musing on the other hand is comparable to receiving extraordinary clarity, inspiration, motivation or revelation of a higher consciousness, without the use of a dictionary or self initiating thought that creates the master piece!  In other words -- the master piece comes together as a result of what was given.

Receiving insight from a muse or guide can be described as having 
an invisible communicator providing what is needed at the opportune time. The incoming reception from muses accelerates what might have normally taken weeks or months to put together on our own; it transforms our creative endeavors such as music, art, writing and the like!

Aside from our own God given ingenuity, muses have been 
responsible for molding and shaping perception, thought and ideas; similar to how a parent might guide a child, but of a higher nature.

Very often during my childhood years, guides or muses provided 
inspiration that edified my spirit during idle moments. The guidance was never equated as my own thought processes producing what was being received; it was deemed as arriving from somewhere or someone aside from my own faculties.

Depending on the events taking place in our lives, musing can occur 
spontaneously, in a trance like state, during sleep, upon reflecting, praying, crying out in moments of despair, dying, depression, reminiscing, or deep thought.

Exactly where revelation of a higher consciousness originates has not been exclusively understood.

There are human beings that believe in God and give God that glory; 
other sources determine musing as coming from our higher self, our higher consciousness, the universe etc.

Assessing revelation and inspiration as coming from a source 
separate from our selves renders implications; are we connecting with our higher self or a higher consciousness?  Are we tapping into a higher reservoir of our own creativity?  Are God and the Holy Spirit the source? Or, is the revelation and inspiration coming from an unknown designation that our consciousness doesn’t permit us to understand or witness as a result of our consciousness not being raised to a heightened level at present.

I sometimes wonder if our evolutionary status would be on the level 
that it is today without muses and guides directing us throughout history; my conclusion is, certainly not.

When the time is right for humankind to receive knowledge wisdom 
and understanding of a higher consciousness, muses and guides creatively channel into our thought processes.

So what does musing have to do with "Self actualization" and 

Muses provide a level of revelation that transforms; when 
transformation takes place we become more than we were prior to the transformation; bringing us closer to the knowledge of knowing ourselves and who our muses or guides are!

Whats your thought on musing? Muses and guides?


light of grace bgr

Written by Betty Alark
Picutre by Light of grace B.R.G

Saturday, April 13, 2013



1 Corinthians 13:4-8

New International Version (NIV)

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. 8 Love never fails.


Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

Photos by Sharon Apted