Thursday, April 4, 2013


Designing is the concept of creativity.
When we observe our surroundings we witness the exhibition
of our artistic nature: architecture, art, fashion, books, movie productions and numerous inventions, all reflecting an array of human vision, design and creation!

Our world is a teeming manifestation of our creative being and becoming, but just how many nations of people around the world is there that lack the opportunity to participate in creatively impacting the world’s progression?

When only part of the whole is doing the designing and creating, the full potential of the "Oneness consciousness" is yet to be realized.

Every nation of people has unique yet untapped vision to bring to the table of -- creative design. The nations of people that are still awaiting opportunity to self actualize, to bring their best to the design of being, could be the very candidates that posses the missing link in our world being the best society that it can be.

The unlocked vision and potential of all nations of people need to be incorporated in the scheme of creative design in order for them to "self actualize" and usher in the reality of "Spiritual Oneness." No human being should be deprived from being the nature of which they spiritually are - creators!


We build to many walls and not enough bridges
Issac Newton

Written by Betty Alark

When you realize someone’s potential do you ask how can we pool 
our ideas to make the world a better place; or do you compete to make it a better place just for yourself?

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Second picture by Bobby Jones