Sunday, June 2, 2013


As the subject of “Self actualization and Oneness” is pondered, it causes me to reflect upon the account of the incarnation of Jesus and his teachings directed towards humanity.  Several questions emerge.

During Jesus's duration of time on earth did he gradually gain the knowledge and wisdom that he spoke?  Or, did Jesus incarnate being equal to the higher level of consciousness that he announced?

Can a person teach on a body of knowledge and simultaneously have a knowingness of it? Or, is it necessary to become the body of knowledge, before having the authority and knowingness to teach and live it?

What exactly is the cause responsible for enabling a person to become a higher level of consciousness? Is it listening to what is being read or spoken and adopting it out of tradition or belief? Or, is it hearing the words being read or spoken and receiving them,
because the spirit within identifies with the truth when it hears it? (Identical to truth meeting itself).

Throughout history various philosophical and religious teachings 
have imparted wisdom and knowledge for our intellectual consideration. Many cultures are born into or adopt religious teachings as part of their tradition, or it becomes their belief system.

The question that scans my intellect is: by being born into a religious tradition and adopting the practice of a religious or philosophical belief, does it transform a person to a higher level of being, or does it take something of greater significance than reading the teachings and adopting them as a traditional practice in order to raise the reader’s consciousness?

We are all capable of reading, memorizing material and putting the rituals into practice; however, doing so doesn’t indicate that a person’s outer practice is a true representation of their inner being.  So, the question remains -- does the mere written words of spiritual principles have the power to raise a person’s consciousness to a level of literal inner transformation? (meaning the person becoming the embodiment of the principles).

That’s my understanding of Self Actualization -- having the consciousness raised to a level of transformation that transcends the attachments of the flesh. Becoming, the living embodiment of the higher level of wisdom; as I believe Jesus to have been.

I conclude -- in part, that Jesus's purpose was to furnish humankind with a level of wisdom that would raise our present conscious level of being to a higher level that transforms a soul into becoming a new creation -- inwardly.

Based on my prior religious and philosophical studies, I further 
conclude, that the teachings of Jesus were of a higher attainment than any other body of knowledge, prior to his incarnation into the world.

I base that reasoning on the fact that Jesus's teachings were not a practice or adaption to a body of knowledge; they were essential to becoming the embodiment of the knowledge.

Jesus fulfilled acts, (his death and resurrection) necessary for humans to receive a new spirit, enter a new realm of being and becoming; which is the Kingdom of God.

Henceforth, if the status qou and present generation continues to expose religious teachings to future generations, as a religious practice, or adaptation, based on tradition, rather than receiving the knowledge that Jesus brought to the earth as, transcendental revelation that causes inner transformation, what will be the transforming "cause" of incoming generations receiving a new spirit, thus, Oneness with God?


How do you see it?  Think about it; do you think you can be 
transformed into the embodiment of Love without the wisdom and knowledge that Jesus bought into the world?  Do you think that his 
dying on behalf of humanity had and has no significance today? 

Written by Betty Alark

Top picture by Anna Langova
Bottome picuture by Hussein Afzal