Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Opposition is a force met in the midst of "being and becoming." It is a force to be reckoned with. How opposition is reckoned with, reveals a person’s life force within those moments of reckoning.

Here is an example:  

Two people interact in conversation, which leads to disagreement, bringing about emotional conflict; negative responses are herald against one another, creating negative reactions. Ultimately, both parties depart, harboring negative feelings towards one another.

The manner in which those two individuals met and confronted opposition resulted in their life force expressing negative energy.

If neither person has an inclination to move beyond their negative feelings held against one another, then "becoming" is detained, since there's no positive tendency to lean toward, that promotes moving forward.

Having a willingness to change starts with recognizing the dominate life force present within your being and realizing its inner and outer effect; if the realization reveals less than your best towards becoming, then having the desire and "willingness" to move beyond  the lesser self in that moment, is the harbinger for change.

Opposition is a fork in the road that reveals your conscious level of being within its moments of contact; which road you choose to take reveals where you are in becoming.


Pictures by Peter Griffin

Written by Betty Alark