Thursday, April 18, 2013


The reality of "Self actualization and Oneness" incorporates peace!

When actions placed and words spoken, have the good will of others in mind, then peace will follow.

It takes a heart of "love" to have others at the forefront of one’s 
agenda; a heart of love proceeds having an agenda of love.
So how does acquiring a heart of love take place?

Human beings are aware of their thoughts and actions.  We are conscious of our inner nature and our behavior towards others. We are also aware of the reality that we can’t change our own heart.

Feeling emotion is an indicator of our inner nature, thus we carry ourselves around with us like a movie camera. The picture of self is always being shown and watched. Self is a constant reminder of our need for improvement.

Oft times than not, human beings are in denial regarding needing a heart transformation; until, like a mirror, a situation arrives and reflects the need. Situations test the heart like a light shining in a dark place; revealing what is hidden in the depths of the soul. When light penetrates the soul and darkness is unearthed, the need for heart transformation becomes obvious.

It is within those obvious moments that conviction grips the soulThere’s no denying the clarity that is now faced.  You are confronted with your inner self and whether or not your "will" is to have a heart transformation.

Human beings are constantly learning lessons that cause us to assess 
our inner being; moment to moment.  The light is always shining and it doesn’t discriminate; if you are in lights path, it is going to reveal you.

The question is -- will you welcome the light and accept it as having 
rescued you from darkness or will you refuse having your heart changed?

Honestly – it’s difficult to conceive of a human being refusing light and a chance to have their heart transformed; a chance to advance to a higher level of being and becoming. I can’t imagine any human being turning that blessing down and saying “no thanks" I like being in the dark and I think I will remain here," Can youNevertheless - all things are possible and as difficult as it is to 
imagine, I suppose it can and does happen.

My hope is: when a situation arrives that shines light into your heart, that you will welcome the light and be transformed!


From a higher power!

Top photo by Roland Ally

Bottom picture by Fritis Ahiefeldt

Written by Betty Alark