Monday, April 22, 2013


"Sight" is a blessing, isn’t it? Ponder the thought
not having eyes to bear witness to all the wonders and beauty of creation, then you will see that it is indeed a blessing. That’s not to say that people that have physical eyes, but don’t bear witness to the material things in the world, aren’t equally blessed.

The physical eye serves a purpose; being able to 
bear witness to material things in earth’s realm, is definitely one of them. We human beings tend to judge what we see by sight and we tend to call that learning. However, do we really learn by what we perceive with the physical eye or are we learning through another channel.

When sitting in a room allowing the eye to roam at things in its view, does it not seem like something inside your being is doing the viewing? Erie isn’t it? Try it out for yourself; you will understand what’s being conveyed. Then, close your eyes and determine the difference.

Eyes really are similar to windows; they allow the 
soul and spirit within, to see outward. However, the soul and spirit is still there, without eyes. If you were blind and someone came up to you and started a conversation, would you be able to see? The spoken word can promote vision whether your eyes are physically open or not.

What about dreaming? Don’t we see the things that we dream about?  How often is it that we learn that the very thing that we judge by sight has a different meaning for another onlooker, and that our judgments are inaccurate?

In our being and becoming we perceive things by sight; until, we arrive at a point of becoming that reveals - that sight is "revelation by the Spirit" ,and the physical eye is an apparatus by which material things are seen.

When we arrive at a point of becoming, where nothing is judged by the physical eye, but by the Spirit, then we will realize that our consciousness is being raised by the Spirit, and it is by the Spirit that we see and are changed from glory to glory!


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                                                       Written by Betty Alark