Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Being in a state of constant transformation is life at its best!

It is when life is lived in abundance that feeling and emotion is most appreciated!  Living life to the fullest is a remarkable reality!

Being transformed to higher heights is analogous to the sight of a bird in flight. Your spirit is lifted high as you soar on a calm warm breeze! Your soar is a soar of freedom and pure joy!

As you journey through the world it is traversed with a new lease on life.

Granted the world hasn’t changed; it’s your perspective that now sees things from a beam of a different light. Being is at its best and becoming can only progress. 

Transformation is becoming a new creation; being inhabited by the Creator - the source of Being. Being and Becoming become one with the One!


by John Edwards

Written by Betty Alark

Morpho Butterfly by Vera Kratochvil