Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Unique and Used

No matter what level of "being and becoming" we find ourselves at on life’s journey, we are unique and used.

There is an ongoing exchange of "giving and receiving" taking place along the continuum of life’s journey.

Our level of "becoming" on the scale of progression, determines how we are used by one another.

Every human being has something to offer; we all have gifts, talents, 
abilities and potential that can be used to support, edify and assist one another on the journey of life. Or, we can use those same gifts, talents, ability and potential to tear one another down, deceive and compete for selfish gain.

Depending on how we use our uniqueness, determines our 
progression or our demise; our evolving or our regression.

We are all unique! When the view of humanity is progression, 
evolving and transformation for the betterment of humanity, we will all use our uniqueness to build up, edify, and support the potential and possibility of the whole ----- the One!

Unique and Used

Written by Betty Alark
Top picuture by author
Bottom pic by Fran Hogan