Thursday, April 25, 2013


Here is a compilation of words that depict the meaning of virgin:





 Pure- Stainless

Unspoiled, Innocent, Uncorrupted,

Spotless – Untapped

Now picture those same words meaning -- the heart. When the heart is pure, untouched by "emotion and thought" directed towards evil, wickedness, ill will, deception, negative intent and harm; a virgin heart will be the character of humanity; purity of thought and emotion will consummate our actuality; our moment to moment vision will be benevolent; our view for humanity and all its functions will soar beyond belief, beyond hope and consummate the reality of the heart.

A pure heart at its full potential, corresponding with the beat of 
the lofty height of all other, pure beating hearts, in its circle. A pure heart thrives on charitable thoughts and actions committed unto others.

When the heart of humanity is virgin, and all its actions and 
responses are pure, the universe will respond with magnificent returns!

Our transfigured virgin hearts, unfolding our vast potential, will advance humanity beyond human "will."

Our energy will be pure, releasing untapped and unforeseen potential! The level of our presence will manifest the origin of our Being and bring us face to face with – the known.

Virgin Heart

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Written by Betty Alark