Sunday, June 2, 2013


There's wonder to be seen in being -- watchful.
Paying attention to the details of the environment can bring to view, things that might have otherwise been missed.

If you're not watchful you might walk into a spider and its web.

by Petr Kratochvil.

If you're not watchful you might crush this little guy underfoot.

Not being watchful could cause you to miss out on  the male and female ladybird mating.

by Petr Kratochvil.

Even though you might not be watching this little guy, im sure it's watching you!

                                                                              By Peter Hager

On the journey of "being and becoming," being out in nature and watching the beautiful variety of creatures in creation, is one of my favorite things to do!      

Spring has sprung in my neck of the woods. It's the season where color, activity and creativity springs into being -- once again!

BY Dejan Josifov

By David Wagner

 by Vera Kratochvil. 

By George Hoden

A part of "being and becoming" is being watchful of the things you meet along the path!

I hope you're paying attention to the wonders that you can meet along life's journey!


By Betty Alark