Saturday, April 27, 2013


It was challenging finding an X word related to the theme Self actualization and Oneness however, with the help of imagination I found one!

The meaning for Xerox is associated with terms such as reproduction, mirror, image, equivalent, identical imprint, impression and the like; which all seem appropriate for the subject at hand.

From the blue print of our DNA, each generation reproduces carbon copies of its own kind; human beings.

It has been scientifically discovered that thought has an effect on DNA; it tends to alter it. If, that be true, which seems reasonable, then how each generation thinks and acts, has an impressionable effect on the DNA of future generations. Is that not a significant sufficient reason for each generation to have their consciousness raised to a level of acting and responding in love?

The inevitable outcome, will in turn, automatically affect the DNA of future generations; our offspring born into a world, not being taught, but their DNA mirroring the very heart of the prior generation whose very life was an expression of love; thus bringing forth the first incarnated generation of beings that are Xeroxed copies of love!

Imagine our DNA, being an advanced archetype, responsible for creating generations of children born into the world initiating love practically from the womb; as a result of our DNA being an archetype of love, destined generations will inevitabley progress to higher levels of "being and becoming!"

Imagine the possibilities of what "love" will continually produce!


Author of top and bottom pictures:  

Wrttten by Betty Alark