Monday, April 29, 2013


The word yield brings to mind terms and phrases such as: yield to 
temptation, yield to oncoming traffic; surrender, give up, succumb, etc.

What we yield to, renders a return; therefore, it stands to reason, that having a conscious awareness of what the consequential returns of yielding are, is profitable.

Since human beings are connected, when we yield either to the right 
or to the left, other people are affected in some way; which is all the more reason why we need to consider beforehand, what we are yielding to.

Ever ask yourself before yielding “what will my actions bring about, 
if I yield in this manner? It’s called thinking before yielding, and we human beings cannot claim a 24 hour consistency in doing so.

Sometimes we simple yield; letting the chips fall where they may; 
sometimes we yield in haste, not taken the time to see as far into the future as possible.

On our journey of "being and becoming" the hand on the pendulum of yielding, swings both ways; resulting in our learning what and what not to yield to.

What if the hand on the pendulum of yielding never regressed to the left; instead, the hand of the pendulum kept moving farther and farther to the right, in a circular motion; where all of our yielding produced positive results for everyone.

You might be thinking, "if that where reality," how would we learn 
and grow, if we don’t learn from our mistakes? Well that’s the point of presenting a "visual reality" to consider; after all, isn’t that where we are headed in our yielding?

Higher levels of "consciousness" and an ultimate change of our DNA 
producing self actualized beings of love, would produce nothing less than a pendulum that rotated to the right; never regressing to the left; instead, constantly excelling forward and beyond. 

Advancement is learning and growing; positive yielding begets 
positive results; the learning takes place in the result, and the profit expands on a continual bases. The profit is our growth, and we keep yielding to the right, learning from the profit.


by Andrew Schmidt. 

Written by Betty Alark