Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Zeal is such an intense word! Zeal ushers in drive; an eagerness, propelling movement forward.

Fathom a generation of "beings" manifesting a zealous appetite to be its best.

A zealous population of "beings" who’s DNA exemplifies love and zeal is consistent with super ability; the same ability displayed by our super heroes and X-men; beings that supposedly are a generation with defective genes; yet the behind the scene message is-- "the defect being our potential."

What will be the potential of future generations?

Will it be a higher level of consciousness bringing forth 
unprecedented super power? Or will the super power be the makeup of our DNA?

Let us stay tuned to the future!  Stay zealous!!

This year’s A-Z, journey has been a glimpse into the "Self actualization and Oneness" of our present and future progression within our ongoing humanity.   It has been nothing less than a journey of thought and imagination for me!

Hope you’re A-Z journey has been an exciting one!

Love and peace!

Man jogging by Peter Griffin
Man jumping by Anna Langova
Written by Betty Alark