Sunday, June 2, 2013


 “Thy will be done Thy Kingdom come

The above statement “Thy will be done, Thy Kingdom come” is a powerful connotation!

Are you aware that your mind is a kingdom? A kingdom of 
thought! Thought is powerful mental activity; thought is alive and active!

What determines having a -- dominate -- say, over someone’s will being done and a kingdom reigning? Consider the following:

Human beings have free will. We can choose to act and think as we please; as a result, we create cause and effect. We bring activity into existence with our thoughts. We are creators!

Our thoughtful will creates the kingdom that reigns within us and, it brings our thought into existence. By our own active thought, "our" will be done, and our kingdom comes.

The philosophy, ideology, religion and perception that reigns 
within a person’s thought processes is what dominates; since it starts with an idea -- vision, that becomes an outer manifestation.

By having individual free will, we have our own perception as to how we desire our lives to be ruled, and we find comfort in having control over our own life; being free to be and create.

However, there are billions of mind producing kingdoms 
walking the earth; all seeing things from a different perspective; all vying to come forth to have their kingdom within, to reign outwardly.

As I mentioned early on, what’s inside the kingdom is 
paramount; since, when the active thought becomes manifest, it’s going to affect and have an effect on the domain of society; the world.

"Being and becoming" is an active process that incorporates the creative "output" of human beings. The outpour of our creativity can be beautiful and beneficial; yet, that same creative outpour, can have devastating effects on humanity as well; depending upon the content of the release.

It is our "God" given right to "be" and to create; nevertheless, having an awareness of what we release upon society when we create, is critical to the evolutionary "spiritual progress" of humanity.

Creating, with a selfish awareness, verses a conscious awareness of "how", what we bring into existence will affect people on the planet, will have long lasting repercussions for generations to come.

We need to be mindful of our "viewing" hearing, audience when we create; especially how we affect the younger generations. Our creations in the present will affect future generations, and we in the "now" will be held responsible and accountable for having developed the kingdom's of their minds, and what they release upon society.

I’m left to wonder, if a conscious awareness of the magnitude 
of having all of humanity in our sight when we create, and caring about the outcome, is even humanly possible. The obvious reality of life here on earth confirms the lack of the conscious awareness.

Why is that? Doesn’t it stand to reason that if humans could create in a benevolent manner that benefits all of society that it would be taking place? That if human hearts and souls loved one another to that degree our society would reflect it?

Every day Betty prays:

Our Father whom art in heaven, Thy 
Will be done Thy Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven…
And one day, Betty hopes that that Kingdom will come!  Betty believes, that the only hope "for our will to be done", and the  kingdom of our mind to reign, and create with a conscious awareness of  "how" we affect every human being on the planet, can only be accomplished when our mind, soul and spirit is "One" with our Creator!

I encourage you to learn about the Kingdom of God! I provide 
you with a blog link below that you might find interesting!

God bless us all!


Written by Betty Alark

Top picture by Rada  Pasca
Bottom picture by Marina Shemesh