Sunday, June 2, 2013


As the subject of “Self actualization and Oneness” is pondered, it causes me to reflect upon the account of the incarnation of Jesus and his teachings directed towards humanity.  Several questions emerge.

During Jesus's duration of time on earth did he gradually gain the knowledge and wisdom that he spoke?  Or, did Jesus incarnate being equal to the higher level of consciousness that he announced?

Can a person teach on a body of knowledge and simultaneously have a knowingness of it? Or, is it necessary to become the body of knowledge, before having the authority and knowingness to teach and live it?

What exactly is the cause responsible for enabling a person to become a higher level of consciousness? Is it listening to what is being read or spoken and adopting it out of tradition or belief? Or, is it hearing the words being read or spoken and receiving them,
because the spirit within identifies with the truth when it hears it? (Identical to truth meeting itself).

Throughout history various philosophical and religious teachings 
have imparted wisdom and knowledge for our intellectual consideration. Many cultures are born into or adopt religious teachings as part of their tradition, or it becomes their belief system.

The question that scans my intellect is: by being born into a religious tradition and adopting the practice of a religious or philosophical belief, does it transform a person to a higher level of being, or does it take something of greater significance than reading the teachings and adopting them as a traditional practice in order to raise the reader’s consciousness?

We are all capable of reading, memorizing material and putting the rituals into practice; however, doing so doesn’t indicate that a person’s outer practice is a true representation of their inner being.  So, the question remains -- does the mere written words of spiritual principles have the power to raise a person’s consciousness to a level of literal inner transformation? (meaning the person becoming the embodiment of the principles).

That’s my understanding of Self Actualization -- having the consciousness raised to a level of transformation that transcends the attachments of the flesh. Becoming, the living embodiment of the higher level of wisdom; as I believe Jesus to have been.

I conclude -- in part, that Jesus's purpose was to furnish humankind with a level of wisdom that would raise our present conscious level of being to a higher level that transforms a soul into becoming a new creation -- inwardly.

Based on my prior religious and philosophical studies, I further 
conclude, that the teachings of Jesus were of a higher attainment than any other body of knowledge, prior to his incarnation into the world.

I base that reasoning on the fact that Jesus's teachings were not a practice or adaption to a body of knowledge; they were essential to becoming the embodiment of the knowledge.

Jesus fulfilled acts, (his death and resurrection) necessary for humans to receive a new spirit, enter a new realm of being and becoming; which is the Kingdom of God.

Henceforth, if the status qou and present generation continues to expose religious teachings to future generations, as a religious practice, or adaptation, based on tradition, rather than receiving the knowledge that Jesus brought to the earth as, transcendental revelation that causes inner transformation, what will be the transforming "cause" of incoming generations receiving a new spirit, thus, Oneness with God?


How do you see it?  Think about it; do you think you can be 
transformed into the embodiment of Love without the wisdom and knowledge that Jesus bought into the world?  Do you think that his 
dying on behalf of humanity had and has no significance today? 

Written by Betty Alark

Top picture by Anna Langova
Bottome picuture by Hussein Afzal 


 “Thy will be done Thy Kingdom come

The above statement “Thy will be done, Thy Kingdom come” is a powerful connotation!

Are you aware that your mind is a kingdom? A kingdom of 
thought! Thought is powerful mental activity; thought is alive and active!

What determines having a -- dominate -- say, over someone’s will being done and a kingdom reigning? Consider the following:

Human beings have free will. We can choose to act and think as we please; as a result, we create cause and effect. We bring activity into existence with our thoughts. We are creators!

Our thoughtful will creates the kingdom that reigns within us and, it brings our thought into existence. By our own active thought, "our" will be done, and our kingdom comes.

The philosophy, ideology, religion and perception that reigns 
within a person’s thought processes is what dominates; since it starts with an idea -- vision, that becomes an outer manifestation.

By having individual free will, we have our own perception as to how we desire our lives to be ruled, and we find comfort in having control over our own life; being free to be and create.

However, there are billions of mind producing kingdoms 
walking the earth; all seeing things from a different perspective; all vying to come forth to have their kingdom within, to reign outwardly.

As I mentioned early on, what’s inside the kingdom is 
paramount; since, when the active thought becomes manifest, it’s going to affect and have an effect on the domain of society; the world.

"Being and becoming" is an active process that incorporates the creative "output" of human beings. The outpour of our creativity can be beautiful and beneficial; yet, that same creative outpour, can have devastating effects on humanity as well; depending upon the content of the release.

It is our "God" given right to "be" and to create; nevertheless, having an awareness of what we release upon society when we create, is critical to the evolutionary "spiritual progress" of humanity.

Creating, with a selfish awareness, verses a conscious awareness of "how", what we bring into existence will affect people on the planet, will have long lasting repercussions for generations to come.

We need to be mindful of our "viewing" hearing, audience when we create; especially how we affect the younger generations. Our creations in the present will affect future generations, and we in the "now" will be held responsible and accountable for having developed the kingdom's of their minds, and what they release upon society.

I’m left to wonder, if a conscious awareness of the magnitude 
of having all of humanity in our sight when we create, and caring about the outcome, is even humanly possible. The obvious reality of life here on earth confirms the lack of the conscious awareness.

Why is that? Doesn’t it stand to reason that if humans could create in a benevolent manner that benefits all of society that it would be taking place? That if human hearts and souls loved one another to that degree our society would reflect it?

Every day Betty prays:

Our Father whom art in heaven, Thy 
Will be done Thy Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven…
And one day, Betty hopes that that Kingdom will come!  Betty believes, that the only hope "for our will to be done", and the  kingdom of our mind to reign, and create with a conscious awareness of  "how" we affect every human being on the planet, can only be accomplished when our mind, soul and spirit is "One" with our Creator!

I encourage you to learn about the Kingdom of God! I provide 
you with a blog link below that you might find interesting!

God bless us all!


Written by Betty Alark

Top picture by Rada  Pasca
Bottom picture by Marina Shemesh

The Quickening

Have you heard the term “the quickening?”
Well, even if you haven’t, it doesn’t take a genius to reason that the quickening has something to do with things happening fast or at an accelerated pace.

Imagine being in a state of "being" where thought no longer thinks; your mind is simply receiving?

The quickening is comparable to having your sense of "being" lifted and ushered into another dimension; in some sense, you are vaguely aware of your "being" being caught up in another realm.

The experience of the quickening mirrors, being taken over by a force, occurring within a spontaneously moment in time. There’s no announcement that alerts you to the quickening; you simply find yourself caught up in the moment of its presence.  It feels perfectly natural, yet you’re aware that something -- out of the ordinary, has occurred.

During the transfer, you don’t eat or drink within a time span that could last -- for days; and then, all of a suddenly, as if waking up from a gentle sleep, you find yourself coming back to the world of the ordinary, after what seems to have been only moments ago when you sat down -- picked up your pen, and began to record what now lies completed, before your very eyes.

I’m inclined to think that the trance like state, of the quickening, occurs for the purpose of the recipient, receiving access to a higher level of knowledge at a pace, beyond the level of human ingenuity.

Regardless of what accounts for the quickening, the recipient is left having experienced the phenomenon of the quickening, and left in a state of wonderment, awe and inquiry.

Does the quickening quicken our consciousness, as we the recipients receive what has been given in the moments of being caught up? Is the recipient’s consciousness raised?

Obviously - yes! It would seem senseless to be given a higher level of knowledge and yet be left in darkness? Thus, the purpose - to transport us to a higher level of being!

The Quickening

In the twinkling of an eye we will all be changed!

Picture by
Written by Betty Alark


There's wonder to be seen in being -- watchful.
Paying attention to the details of the environment can bring to view, things that might have otherwise been missed.

If you're not watchful you might walk into a spider and its web.

by Petr Kratochvil.

If you're not watchful you might crush this little guy underfoot.

Not being watchful could cause you to miss out on  the male and female ladybird mating.

by Petr Kratochvil.

Even though you might not be watching this little guy, im sure it's watching you!

                                                                              By Peter Hager

On the journey of "being and becoming," being out in nature and watching the beautiful variety of creatures in creation, is one of my favorite things to do!      

Spring has sprung in my neck of the woods. It's the season where color, activity and creativity springs into being -- once again!

BY Dejan Josifov

By David Wagner

 by Vera Kratochvil. 

By George Hoden

A part of "being and becoming" is being watchful of the things you meet along the path!

I hope you're paying attention to the wonders that you can meet along life's journey!


By Betty Alark

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Zeal is such an intense word! Zeal ushers in drive; an eagerness, propelling movement forward.

Fathom a generation of "beings" manifesting a zealous appetite to be its best.

A zealous population of "beings" who’s DNA exemplifies love and zeal is consistent with super ability; the same ability displayed by our super heroes and X-men; beings that supposedly are a generation with defective genes; yet the behind the scene message is-- "the defect being our potential."

What will be the potential of future generations?

Will it be a higher level of consciousness bringing forth 
unprecedented super power? Or will the super power be the makeup of our DNA?

Let us stay tuned to the future!  Stay zealous!!

This year’s A-Z, journey has been a glimpse into the "Self actualization and Oneness" of our present and future progression within our ongoing humanity.   It has been nothing less than a journey of thought and imagination for me!

Hope you’re A-Z journey has been an exciting one!

Love and peace!

Man jogging by Peter Griffin
Man jumping by Anna Langova
Written by Betty Alark

Monday, April 29, 2013


The word yield brings to mind terms and phrases such as: yield to 
temptation, yield to oncoming traffic; surrender, give up, succumb, etc.

What we yield to, renders a return; therefore, it stands to reason, that having a conscious awareness of what the consequential returns of yielding are, is profitable.

Since human beings are connected, when we yield either to the right 
or to the left, other people are affected in some way; which is all the more reason why we need to consider beforehand, what we are yielding to.

Ever ask yourself before yielding “what will my actions bring about, 
if I yield in this manner? It’s called thinking before yielding, and we human beings cannot claim a 24 hour consistency in doing so.

Sometimes we simple yield; letting the chips fall where they may; 
sometimes we yield in haste, not taken the time to see as far into the future as possible.

On our journey of "being and becoming" the hand on the pendulum of yielding, swings both ways; resulting in our learning what and what not to yield to.

What if the hand on the pendulum of yielding never regressed to the left; instead, the hand of the pendulum kept moving farther and farther to the right, in a circular motion; where all of our yielding produced positive results for everyone.

You might be thinking, "if that where reality," how would we learn 
and grow, if we don’t learn from our mistakes? Well that’s the point of presenting a "visual reality" to consider; after all, isn’t that where we are headed in our yielding?

Higher levels of "consciousness" and an ultimate change of our DNA 
producing self actualized beings of love, would produce nothing less than a pendulum that rotated to the right; never regressing to the left; instead, constantly excelling forward and beyond. 

Advancement is learning and growing; positive yielding begets 
positive results; the learning takes place in the result, and the profit expands on a continual bases. The profit is our growth, and we keep yielding to the right, learning from the profit.


by Andrew Schmidt. 

Written by Betty Alark

Saturday, April 27, 2013


It was challenging finding an X word related to the theme Self actualization and Oneness however, with the help of imagination I found one!

The meaning for Xerox is associated with terms such as reproduction, mirror, image, equivalent, identical imprint, impression and the like; which all seem appropriate for the subject at hand.

From the blue print of our DNA, each generation reproduces carbon copies of its own kind; human beings.

It has been scientifically discovered that thought has an effect on DNA; it tends to alter it. If, that be true, which seems reasonable, then how each generation thinks and acts, has an impressionable effect on the DNA of future generations. Is that not a significant sufficient reason for each generation to have their consciousness raised to a level of acting and responding in love?

The inevitable outcome, will in turn, automatically affect the DNA of future generations; our offspring born into a world, not being taught, but their DNA mirroring the very heart of the prior generation whose very life was an expression of love; thus bringing forth the first incarnated generation of beings that are Xeroxed copies of love!

Imagine our DNA, being an advanced archetype, responsible for creating generations of children born into the world initiating love practically from the womb; as a result of our DNA being an archetype of love, destined generations will inevitabley progress to higher levels of "being and becoming!"

Imagine the possibilities of what "love" will continually produce!


Author of top and bottom pictures:  

Wrttten by Betty Alark