Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Quickening

Have you heard the term “the quickening?”
Well, even if you haven’t, it doesn’t take a genius to reason that the quickening has something to do with things happening fast or at an accelerated pace.

Imagine being in a state of "being" where thought no longer thinks; your mind is simply receiving?

The quickening is comparable to having your sense of "being" lifted and ushered into another dimension; in some sense, you are vaguely aware of your "being" being caught up in another realm.

The experience of the quickening mirrors, being taken over by a force, occurring within a spontaneously moment in time. There’s no announcement that alerts you to the quickening; you simply find yourself caught up in the moment of its presence.  It feels perfectly natural, yet you’re aware that something -- out of the ordinary, has occurred.

During the transfer, you don’t eat or drink within a time span that could last -- for days; and then, all of a suddenly, as if waking up from a gentle sleep, you find yourself coming back to the world of the ordinary, after what seems to have been only moments ago when you sat down -- picked up your pen, and began to record what now lies completed, before your very eyes.

I’m inclined to think that the trance like state, of the quickening, occurs for the purpose of the recipient, receiving access to a higher level of knowledge at a pace, beyond the level of human ingenuity.

Regardless of what accounts for the quickening, the recipient is left having experienced the phenomenon of the quickening, and left in a state of wonderment, awe and inquiry.

Does the quickening quicken our consciousness, as we the recipients receive what has been given in the moments of being caught up? Is the recipient’s consciousness raised?

Obviously - yes! It would seem senseless to be given a higher level of knowledge and yet be left in darkness? Thus, the purpose - to transport us to a higher level of being!

The Quickening

In the twinkling of an eye we will all be changed!

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Written by Betty Alark