Saturday, April 6, 2013



"Fear" has the potential to triumph over bringing Love to the forefront.

When fear prevails, standing on the front lines of change has to -- wait; while courage, takes a back seat.

Courage, confidence and having a character of making a difference are forerunners toward -- "Self Actualization and Oneness" being realized. 

"Fear" tends to keep people barricaded in comfort zones; giving them the illusion that the barricade is a safe haven that can be justified. Until something occurs to disrupt the comfort zone, fear will always reign victorious.

Standing against injustices that hinder God given potential and 
Human rights from prevailing, voices the slogan “fear doesn’t live here.”

Granted we all experience a degree of fear in the face of overcoming a challenge; however, the key is to defeat the voice of fear and send it on its way so that a higher form of being can come to the forefront!

God didn’t give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power and Love. It is by the spirit that God has given us that we can cast down the voice of fear and bring Love to the forefront!

Please click on the link below to learn how to overcome fear by 

the spirit of God!!

                                                                                             Picture by Gustavo Rezende

Is fear keeping you from becoming all that you can become?

Is it holding up your spiritual progress?

Written by Betty Alark