Monday, April 15, 2013


I found one definition for muse, which peaked my curiosity - “one of 
the nine Greek goddesses of the arts.” Sound’s intriguing doesn’t it?

The dictionary provides understanding of words which in turn promotes thought, vision, imagination, consideration, and reflection; all utilized to bring together a self generated idea, vision or master piece.

Musing on the other hand is comparable to receiving extraordinary clarity, inspiration, motivation or revelation of a higher consciousness, without the use of a dictionary or self initiating thought that creates the master piece!  In other words -- the master piece comes together as a result of what was given.

Receiving insight from a muse or guide can be described as having 
an invisible communicator providing what is needed at the opportune time. The incoming reception from muses accelerates what might have normally taken weeks or months to put together on our own; it transforms our creative endeavors such as music, art, writing and the like!

Aside from our own God given ingenuity, muses have been 
responsible for molding and shaping perception, thought and ideas; similar to how a parent might guide a child, but of a higher nature.

Very often during my childhood years, guides or muses provided 
inspiration that edified my spirit during idle moments. The guidance was never equated as my own thought processes producing what was being received; it was deemed as arriving from somewhere or someone aside from my own faculties.

Depending on the events taking place in our lives, musing can occur 
spontaneously, in a trance like state, during sleep, upon reflecting, praying, crying out in moments of despair, dying, depression, reminiscing, or deep thought.

Exactly where revelation of a higher consciousness originates has not been exclusively understood.

There are human beings that believe in God and give God that glory; 
other sources determine musing as coming from our higher self, our higher consciousness, the universe etc.

Assessing revelation and inspiration as coming from a source 
separate from our selves renders implications; are we connecting with our higher self or a higher consciousness?  Are we tapping into a higher reservoir of our own creativity?  Are God and the Holy Spirit the source? Or, is the revelation and inspiration coming from an unknown designation that our consciousness doesn’t permit us to understand or witness as a result of our consciousness not being raised to a heightened level at present.

I sometimes wonder if our evolutionary status would be on the level 
that it is today without muses and guides directing us throughout history; my conclusion is, certainly not.

When the time is right for humankind to receive knowledge wisdom 
and understanding of a higher consciousness, muses and guides creatively channel into our thought processes.

So what does musing have to do with "Self actualization" and 

Muses provide a level of revelation that transforms; when 
transformation takes place we become more than we were prior to the transformation; bringing us closer to the knowledge of knowing ourselves and who our muses or guides are!

Whats your thought on musing? Muses and guides?


light of grace bgr

Written by Betty Alark
Picutre by Light of grace B.R.G